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Advocating for an equal and just society

The Civic Engagement Alliance (CEA) was a joint collaboration between Dutch and southern civil society organisations that advocated for inclusive development. Starting in 2016 and ending in 2020, CEA operated in thirteen countries around the world. Its members were ICCO Cooperation, CNV Internationaal, Edukans, Kerk in Actie, Prisma, Wilde Ganzen Foundation and Woord en Daad.


where the Civic Engagement Alliance was active

Our goals

In 4 areas we strengthened the position of excluded groups, such as women, youth, smallholder farmers, workers, people living with disabilities and indigenous people.



New Booklet: Moral Leadership in Times of Crisis

The booklet offers ten inspirational interviews with faith actors from various parts of the globe who share their views on moral leadership in times of crisis.

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External End-Term Evaluation Report

Evaluators: "The CEA program was relevant for the local partners and target groups, and effective, with a focus on enhancing civic space, applying a smart mix of lobbying and advocacy strategies."

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CEA Policy Hackathon

CEA organized a ‘hackathon’ to co-create policy recommendations for national and international lobby.

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