Food Systems

Marginalized farmers and groups face difficulties in securing access to sufficient and nutritious food. The Alliance lobbies for the Right to Adequate Food and promotes sutainable food and consumption systems.

While the number of undernourished people globally has declined in recent years, the number of malnourished people has increased. The causes of malnutrition and undernourishment are not only technical, but are linked to unequal power relations across countries, value chains and gender. Food production and distribution policies are predominantly shaped by economic considerations rather than principles of human rights, equity and wellbeing.

The growing tendency to link food and nutrition security with the economic growth agenda, especially in the context of a declining space for CSOs in global and national governance, opens up some troubling issues with regard to achieving the fundamental right to adequate food. The realization of the right to food is only possible if food systems are built around sustainable production, and if land grabbing because of foreign direct investment is prevented. The position of small-scale producers as entrepreneurs is central both for sustainable production as well as the link with markets to ensure income. Women, as producers and consumers as well as caretakers of their families, play an important role in building sustainable food production systems and ensuring food and nutrition security.

The Alliance supports capacity development of CSO's in lobby and advocacy for the right to adequate food as well as for access to and control over land and natural resources. In many of the regions the Alliance is active in, small-scale producers are vulnerable to impacts of climate change. Our lobby and advocacy efforts promote the integration of sustainable production, climate-smart agricultre and disaster risk management (DRM) approaches to enhance sustainable land management and climate resilience at the household level.

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