Civil Society

Many civil society organizations are increasingly confronted with less space to speak out or even doing their work. In sometimes very politically sensitive circumstances Civic Engagement Alliance members strengthen the position of trade unions, self-help groups, farmer cooperatives and faith-based organizations.

This involves for instance facilitating Lobby & Advocacy activities of CSOs and our networks in these countries and reinforcing such actions through global L&A efforts by our international networks. Local and global actors will hence mutually reinforce each other. By using local, ‘on the ground’ experiences, global actors will be able to make a stronger case for the need to address shrinking spaces and create new spaces. Local actors will in turn benefit from improved access to knowledge and information, strategic contacts at higher levels and L&A activities of the global actors. Globally and locally we aim to influence the agenda setting on the three other themes; food systems, companies and the agrifood sector.

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