Speak! Campaign at Multi-Stakeholder Conclave in Guwahati

Publicatiedatum: 27/09/2019

The SPEAK Campaign was organized and supported by Civic Engagement Alliance India and VANI during Multi-Stakeholder Conclave in Guwahati on 20th and 21st September 2019. It was supported by more than 70 civil society organizations participating in the conclave.

Dialogue and dissent is a very important component for everyone and SPEAK campaign is one such initiative that promotes dialogue and communication among people. This time we urge civil societies in the North-Eastern part of India to come together and break the barriers and speak with each other to make the world peaceful, meaningful, inclusive and sustainable.
We ensured the participation of different civil society organizations in the campaign through discussions and dialogues on different subjects during the conclave. The multi-stakeholder event was organized jointly with many civil society organizations to initiate and strengthen the dialogues among civil society organizations, government, and corporates. The social media platform was also used to support the campaign by using #TogetherWeSpeak.

The conclave was planned to have a constructive dialogue on the emerging issues in the North Eastern Region of India. Some of the important dialogues that took place are on:

  • Educating children in Assam: Challenges to overcome
  • Grappling with Maternal Mortality in Assam
  • Livelihood promotion in North East Issues and challenges
  • Women’s rights in North East- for better or the worse

Issue-based dialogues and panel discussions took place and brought the spark among participants to speak up, recognize each other efforts and learn and share. Campaign. The event was attended by Assam State Irrigation Minister- Mr. Bhavesh Kalita who appreciated the efforts of civil society organizations and invited them for further dialogue process.


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