New Booklet: Moral Leadership in Times of Crisis

Publicatiedatum: 18/01/2021

The call for moral and visionary leadership is rising. The COVID-19 pandemic highlights both the profound interconnectedness and profound inequality of human life. It enlarges challenges that the world already confronted prior to the pandemic, such as climate change, the demise of democracy and human rights, and waning international solidarity.

Taking the right decisions to multi-fold crises is not easy. In this booklet, faith actors from various geographical and religious backgrounds share their experiences. They often had to reflect on difficult questions of life and death and the place of human beings on this planet. The decisions they make are based on these reflections. What can we learn from them? And what should moral leadership according to them look like?

Dutch researcher Annette Jansen and journalist Janneke Juffermans gave the floor to the following ten faith actors:

Agnes Abuom
Hassan Kinyua Omari
Bernard Sabella
Elga Sarapung
Hubert Morquette
Zung Bawm
Patti Talbot
Dennis Milanzi
Kathleen Ferrier
Ven. Dhammandanda


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