New report highlights the meaning of the faith-based organizations in development

Publicatiedatum: 10/01/2019

There is a renewed growing interest in the role of faith-based organizations (FBOs) and religion in and for development cooperation. The research report ' If you need us, allow us' elaborates on their role in enhancing civic space.

Still too often in development cooperation faith-based organizations ( FBOs) are overlooked, neglected or even actively marginalized as being conservative and non-inclusive. It often seems difficult to analyse the role of FBOs in an objective way and to make a distinction between different kind of FBOs. All FBOs are seen as good, or -on the other side- all FBOs are seen as bad. Factual knowledge on how FBOs effectively play their roles in development cooperation, society development, conflict transformation, peace building and humanitarian aid remains scarce and at the least do not enter in the dominant development theories.

With the report'If you need us, allow us' the Civic Engagement Alliances (CEA) aims to share and increase knowledge and interest on the roles FBOs can and do play in societies. With a special focus on civic space and SDGs and case studies of Ethiopia, Kenya and Indonesia.

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