Celebrating 5 years of Dialogue & Dissent

Publicatiedatum: 04/01/2021

In January 2016, 25 strategic partnerships and three funds working in over 60 countries with a clear purpose. Collaboratively civil society’s capacities were strerngthned to represent the rights and needs of citizens worldwide, regional and international networks of change makers were built, and bigger and smaller steps towards inclusive and sustainable development were made.

The magazine (upload below) not only shares stories of change and perspectives of partner organisations, but it also contains a powerful message from our Director-General International Cooperation, Kitty van der Heijden, who sheds light on the role of civil society in international development and underlines that its relevance further increased due to the restrictive trends curtailing civic space. At the end of the magazine, Jeroen Kelderhuis, Head of the Civil Society and Education Division reflects on lessons for the future programs and collaboration between civil society and the Ministry.

The contribution of Civic Engagement Alliance focuses on responsible business in Indonesia’s palm oil sector.

This magazine celebrates those that have stood up for what matters, those that have spoken up on behalf of those that no longer could, those that worked hard toward a better world, those that brought hope when rights where trampled upon. I celebrate your courage and willingness to make difference. To fight for what is right. You have shown the world the true meaning of progress.

DGIS - Kitty van der Heijden.

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