Annual Report 2019

Publicatiedatum: 03/06/2020

The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Civic Engagement Alliance are involved in a strategic partnership ‘Dialogue and Dissent’ which aims to ensure that in and by this partnership civil society organizations and civil society at large, both in the ‘Global South’ as well as in the overall global context, can contribute to decreasing inequality and injustice in societies and work towards inclusive development.

The Alliance’s members contribute their expertise in the fields of inclusive development, capacity development, labor
rights, strengthening smallholder farmers, vocational training and working with the private sector, with a focus on the agri-food sector.

In this annual report 2019 we pay attention to the context in the program countries and how changes in these contexts have influenced program implementation (chapter 2). In chapter 3 we describe program progress and some main results. We provide insight in our cooperation as an Alliance and cooperation with local partners and stakeholders in chapter 4. In chapter 5, we highlight how we address inequalities in our program and how we work towards inclusiveness. By the end of 2019, the countryspecific Theories of Change have again been discussed and reviewed; outcomes of this process and other issues pertaining the monitoring and evaluation are described in chapter 6.

In annex 1 we include more specific information on context changes and main results for each program country. Annex 2 consists of some stories of change, to illustrate program results.

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