6. Sustainability and Accountability


The developed capacities of rights holders and the established participation of the relevant government departments have created a space through which rights holders and duty bearers will continue to actively dialogue.

Certain alterations that were made to Ugandan national and local government policies and budget allocation will leave a lasting positive impact for smallholder farmers in Uganda. Especially the increase of the budget allocated to extension service workers, used to attract 5,000 new extension service workers, will ensure skills development for a large group of Ugandan smallholder farmers. Moreover, the translation of facilitating access of smallholder farmers into the Local Government Development Plans as a policy priority, will be implemented until after Civic Engagement Alliance ends and will hopefully influence the successive LGDPs for the next period.


Civic Engagement Alliance has ensured that there is transparency and accountability in all their actions.
The Ugandan partners of Civic Engagement Alliance conduct periodic reflection meetings with the smallholder farmers, women, youth and PWDs through which the progress of the program is assessed. In these reflection meetings, commitments of all parties are reviewed.
Every year, audits are conducted by competent audit firms and reports are shared. The partners of Civic Engagement Alliance have signed a Memorandum of Understanding in their respective districts of operation and they report to the district leadership.
Some of the activities that ICCO and the partners have been implementing has attracted meaningful media coverage in the local press. A good example is the local radio coverage organized by Advance Afrika, in which extension service workers shared knowledge and information relevant for skills development.

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