2. Interventions

Based on this analysis, the Civic Engagement Alliance in Uganda adopted two intervention strategies:
1) capacity development for lobby and advocacy
2) lobby and advocacy activities.

The program sustains a bottom-up dialogue approach. This means the approach is based on the voices of the smallholder farmers and their ability to be heard by the different governance structures from the grassroots level up to the national policy level. The program is carried out in a gender sensitive way, promoting gender transformation and supporting women to take up leading roles in lobby and advocacy activities. This attention resulted in bigger participation of women in both lobby activities and in taking up positions in NGO committees (e.g in the lobby for access to land, a debate formerly dominated by men).

Capacity development

In the capacity development the Change the Game Academy is used. To be able to stimulate local ownership and a common localized understanding and approach on engaging citizens, the Alliance works through the Training of trainers method. Trained trainers in their turn train local groups and community based organizations.
Another part of the capacity building is the support to CEA Uganda partners in conducting stakeholder and capacity analyses. As part of this, Ugandan partners have received local fundraising training. Raising domestic resources not only strengthens the financial sustainability of organizations, it also enhances local ownership and accountability towards constituencies and organizations’ legitimacy.

Lobby and advocacy strategy

The L&A activities find their base in community based research. The Ugandan partners are supported to conduct research so as to promote evidence-based advocacy. The partners strongly facilitate farmer’s engagement in the actual lobby and advocacy. Farmers and community dialogue is used to build consensus with different stakeholders and get them in action by putting up action plans that are jointly implemented by government departments, seed companies and farmers.

Main issues taken up are compliance promotion to the civil society legislation and awareness raising about existing laws hindering smallholder farmers.

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