Improved Price for Produce

Publicatiedatum: 09/04/2018

Farmers from Ogelak community succeeded in selling their produce at 40% higher prices. How did they achieve that?

Before 2017, farmers from Ogelak community sold their produce at farm gate prices. The buyers determined the prices of the produce for the famers. The nearest market to offer them prices above those of middle men is about 56 Kms far from their community i.e. to Soroti town.

Sensitizations, dialogues, market research and links were made between farmers and buyers, and their selling price raised from 500/= per Kg to 700/= per Kg provided within the farmers’ parish of Ogelak. The buyer that entered into contract with the farmers – Soroti GrainMillers provided cash to the farmers’ leadership within the community which made it easy for all farmers to access the cash as they sold their produce. This achievement was made possible through PAG Soroti (sensitizations, dialogues, market research and links ) and farm Africa’s contribution (market research, links between farmers and buyers, and connections to the provision of Value chain processing inputs to improve the quality of produce for better markets ). Farm Africa works with organized farmers in helping make links with potential buyers that give fair prices to farmers’ products. The contract signed between farmers and Soroti Grain Millers runs for one year from 24th/12/2017 to 24th/12/2018


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