Boosting Agricultural Productivity through Farmer Associations in Eastern Uganda

Publicatiedatum: 06/04/2020

Following training in advocacy and effective agro practices, 352 farmers in Serere district have been able to pull together into an association to collectively store and market their produce. With support from the Civic Engagement Alliance, the Church of Uganda Teso Dioceses Development Offices (COU TEDDO) has been able to guide the association in effectively using joint assets to bargain for sufficient loans and agro-inputs. In 2019, the association successfully used its training to broker a partnership between its members and Acila Enterprises, a certified agricultural input dealer in the Teso Sub region.

As a result, 1,538 farmers in Serere district have been able to penetrate a previously inaccesible market for expensive, quality inputs such as seed, farm tools and agro-chemicals to boost their cassava, maize, millet and sesame production. The average group members’ income has also increased from 20% to at least 40% from the sale of improved quality produce.

According to a 2019 report by COU-TEDDO, the increased access to better quality farming inputs by farmers contributed to a drastic rise in Serere districtÅ› agricultural productivity in 2019 from 4% to 9%.

The Civic Engagement Alliance is a joint collaboration between Dutch and southern Civil Society Organizations that advocates for inclusive development. In Uganda, the program is implemented by Advance Afrika, NGO Forum, Share An Opportunity, Church of Uganda Teso Dioceses Development Offices (COU-TEDDO), Arid land Development Program, Pentecostal Assemblies of God and Facilitating Peace and Development (FAPAD), with a major focus on cassava, maize, millet and sesame value chains in Karamoja, Lango and Teso sub regions.

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