Land Conflict in Morulem Sub-County

Publicatiedatum: 10/10/2017

There was land conflict between the community of Morulem and migrants from Teso who settled in Nyarkidi which is situated in Morulem sub county Abim district.

Migrants after settling, started inviting other people from Teso and selling vacant land to them. This provoked the local community in Abim to ask them to go back but they refused and conflict flared up with fighting and loss of lives and properties. The attempt by local authorities to resolve the issues was futile In the month of August ADP had a series of meetings starting with parishes of Adea where Nyarkidi is located and Kathabok, Aremo, Angolebwal in Morulem. The resolution from this meeting accepted to have a meeting with key persons from Teso migrants and Morulem community at the sub county level.

On the 8th/09/2017 ADP had sub county dialogue meeting which was attended by LCI chairpersons, LCII chairpersons, LCIII chairperson, the district land board committee, sub county land board committee, elders from both conflicting side, parish chief, sub county chief, Community Development Officer. The total number of people who participated in this reconciliation meeting was 74.

To build trust ADP invited chairperson Lcv Kitgum district who moderated the meeting instead of chairperson Abim district.

Agreement during meeting:

  • The migrants who have been on the land should remain and used the land but must not invite new persons to buy or settle on the vacant land
  • The community from Morulem need to move and settle on the their vacant land and start using it for production

The results of the moderation:

  • There is now peace and living in harmony
  • No more fights and loss of lives
  • People meet in the market and selll their produce to one another freely

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