Seed Trade and Livelihood Fair

Publicatiedatum: 20/02/2018

The Radanar Ayar Development Association (RDA), partner of the Alliance, hosted together with Delta Livelihoods Network a Seed Trade and Livelihoods Fair, supported by the Ayeyarwaddy Regional Government.

The Seed Trade and Livelihoods Fair was organized from 18-19 February. There were two objectives: 1. Cooperation and partnership for agricultural development on pro-poor policy in the region and 2. Farmers are able to access the quality products and services.

More than 3,000 participants including private companies joined in this event. Ayeyarwaddy Regional Government, Agriculture Livestock and Environment Minister, U Tin Win Aung, opened and joined the first day of the event accompanied by his regional officials. One of the successful highlights is that the minister agreed to host the 'Lessons Learned and Good Practices' on seed production, including the challenges, and presenting them to the regional representative of the House and other ministers at Pathein. The meeting of 'Lesson Learned and Good Practices' workshop was convened on 06 April in Pathein, and was hosted together with other LIFT Fund partners.

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