Disability Inclusive Training for Development Graduates

Publicatiedatum: 20/04/2018

CEA helps the Network Activities Group and Karuna Mission Social Solidarity to incorporate Disability Inclusive Development training modules within their monthly New Graduate training batches

Network Activities Group
CEA Myanmar is made up of a few local partners, Civil Society Organizations working to improve the lives of smallholder farmers. One of those organisations is the Network Activities Group (NAG). After time spent building the partnerships and shaping the alliance, the CEA Disabilty Inclusion Advisor began working with NAG in March of 2018 by doing a baseline Disability Inclusion Scorecard to measure how inclusive NAG is of disability in their work. After sitting down with the CEO and founder and another member of the leadership team to complete the scorecard, discussions began on how to improve NAG’s score and support NAG in becoming more inclusive of disabilty. As a result of these discussions, some capacity building, and coaching, NAG has decided to incorporate Disability Inclusive Development training modules within their monthly New Graduate training batches, which they provide for recent university graduates interested in working in the development sector and need a bit more skill building.

To ensure the sustainability of this addition to the monthly training courses, NAG requested that the DIA facilitate a Training of Trainers for key members of their staff, to empower and build the skills of its own team to lead these training modules in the future. In the coming months, a few members of the TOT will facilitate alongside the DIA, and then, after a few co-facilitating experiences, will take over the facilitation on their own. NAG’s decision to embed disabiltiy inclusion modules in their curriculum, as well as build staff capacity to teach others, is a huge statement of commitment and very tangible evidence of change towards making NAG more inclusive of disabilty.

Karuna Mission Social Solidarity

Another CEA partner is the Karuna Mission Social Solidarity (KMSS), who also have been working closely with the CEA Disability Inclusion Advisor (DIA) to identify opportunities to make KMSS and their work more inclusive of disability. When completing the baseline Inclusion Scorecard together with the DIA, KMSS identified that they would like to make their policies, HR practices (such as hiring for new positions), as well as upcoming project data collection more inclusive of and accessible to people with disabilities. The KMSS team members who work directly with the CEA are in the process of reviewing their policies, discussing with the KMSS leadership team about making changes to their policies and HR practices, and are working with the DIA to get inputs on how to make these policies, practices, and data collections more inclusive. KMSS was also eager to build their staff capacity for disability inclusion and, after a 2-days training with members of their project management and project facilitation staff, many trainees reported that this was their first time ever learning about disability and disabiltiy inclusive development, and that they have a deeper understanding of the need to include disabiltiy in their efforst to support marginalized communities in Myanmar. Some trainees also requested more training and/or continued coaching in this area.


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