2. Interventions

Through the application of a multi-pronged strategy involving collective action, capacity development on lobby and advocacy approaches, alignment to agricultural value chain development, evidence-based applied research and constructive dialogue with the public and private stakeholders involved, the Alliance’s partners were able to mobilize and advocate for the interests and needs of more than 10,000 mung bean farmers, seasonal laborers and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Important research that was conducted throughout the Civic Engagement Alliance:

  • A market analysis research on the pulses sector as a promising agricultural domain.
  • Three applied research papers to inform value chain actors and gather evidence for lobby and advocacy:
  • 1-“Improvement of the Enabling Environment in Mung Bean Value Chain for Development of Smallholders in Myanmar”
  • 2-“Assessment on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) / Environment (Protection) / Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) of Mung Bean Production in Myanmar”
  • 3-“Gender Equality and Women Empowerment Strategy in Mung Bean Value Chain”
  • A research paper on Farmer Return on Investment in the Bago Region and 3 research papers to analyze the incidence and conditions of child labor within agricultural value chains in some villages in Bago and Yangon Regions.


Civic Engagement Alliance has worked with inclusive program strategies in multiple ways. For example, we included an improved gender balance in farmer association training and membership. What’s more, we put special focus on the needs of female landless laborers, female-headed farming households and women entrepreneurs. Also within the Myanmar context, the Alliance’s partners have sought to create awareness among the agricultural value chain, enabling stakeholders of the importance of having a gender-sensitive approach.


Another vulnerable group that has been expressly focused on are youth in the agricultural sector. Supporting youth voices, as part of the broader civil society network, was part of the program interventions. Regarding children, the Alliance prioritized the issue of child labor in agriculture in Myanmar’s rural communities, where the occurrence of child participation in farming work is not a rare thing.

Disability inclusion

To promote disability inclusion, The Leprosy Mission conducted disability awareness and inclusion capacity building for the partners. In this way they track, tailor and meet the needs of people with disabilities within their projects and among their stakeholders.

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