7. Innovation

The key innovations within the Civic Engagement Alliance in Myanmar lie within the following aspects:

  • Stimulating gender-inclusive farmer and laborer collaboration in combination with profit via quality improvement: creating the incentives, knowledge and trust for mung bean farmers to work together. Examples are the use of a gender-sensitive value chain analysis, and the Alliance’s approach to include women within the various farmers’ groups and enterprises, and the stimulus to form specific women’s groups.
  • Lobbying for expanding and further propagating the innovation of ‘Participatory Guarantee Systems’ in Myanmar. Enabling group certification for following Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and applying this in Myanmar.
  • Linking the local to the regional and the national and especially the role of evidence herein: not many stakeholders in agricultural projects in Myanmar are actively able to do so.

Prioritizing a lobby and advocacy programme such as the Civic Engagement Alliance to a specific pulses sector and bridging to a public private partnership under P4 project enabled the basis for trust and collaboration with public and private stakeholders. Building on a gradually growing reputation, ICCO and NAG facilitated outscaling and crowding within the mung bean value chain.

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