4. Expertise and Capacity

All partners of the Civic Engagement Alliance in Myanmar were selected based on their track record and complementary capacities within the domain of livelihood, food safety and rural community development. Together partners were expected to span local, regional, national and international levels.

The Civic Engagement Alliance in Myanmar focused on 4 key policies in the agricultural sector:

  1. Agriculture Development Strategy
  2. National Export Strategy
  3. Seeds, fertilizer and pesticides laws and regulations
  4. The Law of Protection of the Farmers Rights and Enhancement of Their Benefits

Much of the work, progress and experiences generated through the P4 Project - Pulses, People, Planet, Profit (video,) a program of ICCO linked to Civic Engagement Alliance - was showing policy makers and companies what is being realized, encouraging and facilitating exchange between local, regional and national levels. Smart analysis and gradually building evidence base for informing policy makers.

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