The Alliance seeks to strengthen Civil Society Organizations' engagement in dialogue with policy makers and influencers to advocate for effective policy formulation and implementation. In Kenya the partnership seeks to support a better environment for civil society organizations, advocate for the realization and access of nutritious foods to smallholder farmers in Western Kenya and to ensure small-producers have access to markets, skills and inputs and improved agricultural extension services.

The purpose is to bring together Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), seeking out their combined efforts to contribute to constructive dialogue concerning demand driven policy interventions. By strengthening CSOs to engage in these thematic policy dialogues, the CEA consortium is aiming to contribute to having an enabling environment for CSOs to work collaboratively with policy makers. The program targets youth, women and people living with disabilities in the counties Kakamega, Busia, Kisumu and Homabay.

The Alliance in Kenya consists of partners from the Netherlands, combined with local partners: Undugu Society of Kenya, Kenya Alliance for Advancement of Children Rights, Anglican Development Services Western Kenya, Kenya Community Development Foundation and Africa Youth Trust.

Partners in Kenya

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