7. Sustainability and Accountability


Civic Engagement Alliance focuses on securing results in public policy to be adapted by Indonesia government, business associations and/or companies. The institutionalized knowledge within the various stakeholders will also help to sustain the project results.

The cooperation between trade unions, NGOs, local communities and their inhabitants is innovative. They are working together to voice out their issues and to negotiate on sustainable employment in the palm oil sector. Further the Alliance program is linked to other programs. Examples are: the Renewable Energy Directive (19), the Amsterdam Declaration for Sustainable Energy (20) and the project development under EU EIDHR (21 (ICCO Cooperation, PKPA and Penabulu) for Responsible and Sustainable Palm Oil Plantation in Indonesia.

Accountability to Stakeholders

Meetings are the main instruments of the program to ensure accountability to the various stakeholders. Stakeholders have a say in the full program management, the challenges encountered, (re-)strategizing, network management etc.

With the aspiration to have a national network of trade unions working at national level for a palm oil supply with a lesser negative impact on workers, it is important to realize that without engagement with international organizations, national support cannot be as effective as current practice. The link between strategic players in the field, national and international is clearly seen as mutual interest by all stakeholders, also by the local partners involved (NGOS and labor unions).

(19) See the result of political agreement on increasing renewable energy use in Europe was reached on 14 June between the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council of the EU https://eeas.europa.eu/delegations/indonesia/46646/palm-oil-outcome-trilogue-eu%E2%80%99s-renewable-energy-directive-red-ii_en
(20) See the unbinding declaration which well known as Amsterdam Declaration, https://www.euandgvc.nl/documents/publications/2015/december/7/declarations-palm-oil
(21) The availability of independent trade union with good capacity in negotiation and labour rights knowledge is the requirement for developing good collective bargaining agreement (CBA). Good CBA means the articles in agreed in CBA shall be above or better than national regulation. “profit, people and planet” should be equally taken care of.

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