4. Results

On capacity building for lobby and advocacy

  • By the end of 2018 the merge of four trade union confederations and nine other trade union federations into the JAPBUSI network, with approximately 2 million members/laborers (8). CNV Internationaal, Hukatan and ILO bridge the social dialogue between JAPBUSI and GAPKI (palm oil trader association) to establish sector based bipartite (9) at the national level (10).
  • JAPBUSI was trained in lobby and advocacy strategies, in order for them to successfully achieve their lobby goals. The results of the training are: 1) Trust among the members; 2) A systematic way of thinking in planning their lobby and advocacy. JAPBUSI is part of the social dialogue on palm oil at the national level.
  • CNV Internationaal lobbied the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) with the ILO to support the labor movement. It was agreed that Hukatan will be registered as a member of RSPO, as the first trade union. Based on the meeting in July 2019 in Jakarta, RSPO agreed to facilitate training for labor unions group (via JAPBUSI) that will be conducted in December 2019. This training will be part of a longer term series of activities to have more engagement with labor unions.
  • Establishment of a coalition of civil society organizations and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as follow-up of a training on UNGPs, organized by partner KONSIL LSM and ICCO Cooperation. The training for 30 participants resulted in a changed perspective, changed understanding and changed behavior with regard to human rights and business.

On lobby and advocacy interventions

  • Establishment in December 2018 of a Business and Child Rights Working Group (BCRWG), administered by the Indonesia Global Compact Network, with Civic Engagement partner PKPA appointed as co-chair. Therewith the voice of a locally based NGO is heard at a national level negotiation table, where also the big international companies like NestlĂ©, Unilever, Sinar Mas and Holcim are present.
  • The Alliance contributed to a RSPO web-based system on human rights principles and aligned the RSPO Principles & Criteria with the principles of the Child Rights International Convention and UNGP (11).
  • Influencing policy makers by showing good and promising practices. A joint video documentary was produced by the Civic Engagement Alliance, company Amal Tani, Wilmar (the world's largest palm oil company), PT. Darmali, and Gapki. This video shows that effective social dialogue and collaboration between trade unions, NGOs and companies can benefit and improve the situation of workers and their families (12). The video has been publicly shared on the RSPO roundtable in Paris by CNV Internationaal and responded positively by the audience.
  • Direct outcomes at the beneficiary level are the health insurance, the increase in income, the schooling of the children (see also the video).
  • Three partnerships were established to guarantee Child Rights in Business Practices (CRBP) including a toolkit for installing CRBP in three palm oil companies in North Sumatra and the realization of three units of Desa Ramah Anak (child friendly village) concepts and implementation (13).

(8) http://www.agrina-online.com/detail-berita/2019/04/23/56/6505/pekerja-sawit-terancam-kebijakan-diskriminasi-eropa
(9) A communication, consultation platform to discuss labour issues in certain sector that involve employers and trade unions.
(10) Taking a Stand for Palm Oil Workers, https://jakartaglobe.id/context/taking-a-stand-for-palm-oil-workers.
(11) The RSPO Principles and Criteria are a set of stringent standards for sustainable palm oil production, which RSPO members must comply with. In line with ISEAL Alliance best practices, the P&C are reviewed every five years and subsequently submitted for ratification by the General Assembly of RSPO.
(12) The video is been mentioned in Wilmar Sustainability Report 2018, Page 74-75. https://www.wilmar-international.com/docs/default-source/default-document-library/highlights/sgx-announcements/2019/wilmar-sustainability-report-2018.pdf?sfvrsn=1feeec7_0
(13) Based on their Lobby LogBook (the story is written in June, 2019). Desa Ramah Anak is one of five development priorities for women empowerment and child protection agency under administration of Joko Widodo, President of Republic of Indonesia. CEA & PKPA focusing on this concept and working to harmonize with Child Rights in Business Practices/CRBP.

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