6. Policy Makers and Networks

Relationship with Policy Makers

Civic Engagement Alliance Indonesia has access to the Ministries that are responsible for policy formulation and implementation in the palm oil sector:

  • The Ministry of Law and Justice invited the Civic Engagement Alliance (14) to join in a shared knowledge and problematics session for the formulation of the National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights (2020 - 2025) of which the end user is the President of the Republic of Indonesia (15).
  • The organizing expert team that consists of the inter-ministry focusing on Plantation, Mining and Tourism sector, considered Civic Engagement Alliance Indonesia as a trusted and objective source for their learning.

Membership of Networks

The Alliance is a member of the:

  • Child Rights Working Group within Indonesia Global Compact Network (2017).
  • Sustainable Spice Initiative/ SSI Indonesia (2018). In the period 2018 - 2019 five consultations have been held on responsible business lobby, developing pre-competitiveness amongst members in Indonesian spice (e.g. living wage, safety & security working toolkit, local CSR activities for smallholders).
  • ACT Indonesia Forum (since 2016) (16) that links interfaith organizations in Indonesia on six themes (17). ICCO Cooperation is the convenor for the human security and development themes.
    The program is complementary towards the Dutch embassy’s country plan and activities (18).

(14) CEA in Indonesia consist of ICCO & CNV as Lobbyist, Hukatan focus on palm oil related trade union, Penabulu & SPKS focus on smallholders, PKPA focus on Child Rights and NGO Council Indonesia focus on Ethical Business.
(15) To be awarded by Presidential Decree as end-product.
(16) The membership together with global office are SER Netherlands, HUMAN network, CONCORD ACT Alliance, etc.
(17) Themes: peace, human security, climate justice, gender justice, migration through humanitarian, development and advocacy.
(18) There are annual meetings on the Strategic Partnership with Netherlands Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia with all alliances and organization.

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