1. Introduction

Responsible business in the palm oil sector is part of a broader Civic Engagement Alliance program in Indonesia, in which Alliance members ICCO Cooperation, Kerk in Actie and CNV Internationaal cooperate with local partners in Indonesia. The Theory of Change of this case focuses on strengthening civic space and on working towards a sustainable private sector that contributes to SDG 8 and 12 in particular.

The case study shows how the Alliance builds upon earlier successful ways of working on human rights (before 2016) and its cooperation with a large network of civil society organizations, community based organizations and labor unions. The program brought together a challenging new coalition of NGOs and labor unions, that was able to reach step-by results and contribute to a remarkable change with one of the bigger players in the palm oil production industry. This has resulted in better life and economic perspectives for workers and smallholders in the palm oil industry.

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