FILM: Improving Working Conditions for Palm Oil Plantation Workers in Indonesia

Publicatiedatum: 05/11/2019

In Indonesia Civic Engagement Alliance works together with trade union organization HUKATAN to improve the working conditions of laborers on palm-oil plantations and in the horticultural sector (tomatoes, red peppers, cucumbers). The activities are devoted to raising companies’ awareness about working conditions and improving the government’s labour policy.

Join us on a trip to Indonesia to see how on Sumatra a process of continious, constructive social dialogue between companies, CNV Internationaal and Indonesian trade unions HUKATAN and KSBSI is leading to improvements of labour conditions of workers at palm oil plantations and mills PT Murini Sam Sam, (owned by Wilmar, one of the world's largest oil palm plantation owners) and PT Darmali Jaya Lestari.

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