Kicking-off the National Workshop on Business & Children's Rights

Publicatiedatum: 30/08/2018

The National Workshop on Business and Children's Rights, held on 29 August 2018, reaffirmed multiple stakeholders' commitment to implementing the UNGP in Indonesia, despite various challenges. The workshop was organized by ICCO Cooperation and PKPA as part of the Civic Engagement Alliance.

Yesterday, Prof. Dr. Roel van der Veen (Head of Political Affairs of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Jakarta) opened the National Workshop on Business & Children's Rights, organized by ICCO Cooperation and PKPA as part of the Civic Engagement Alliance (CEA) in Indonesia. Mr. Van der Veen explained that the Netherlands was one of the first countries in the world to make a National Action Plan (NAP) on business & human rights, and the embassy is strongly encouraging Indonesia’s NAP process.

Another key note speech was delivered by Ir. Arry Ardanta Sigit, the Director of Human Rights Cooperation of the Indonesian Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, who provided the audience with an update of the country’s NAP process. Before moving into the panel discussion with PKPA’s Executive Director Keumala Dewi and Child Rights Governance Advisor Ratna Yunita of Save the Children Indonesia, Josephine Satyono (Executive Director) explained about Indonesia Global Compact Network’s working groups on human rights and child rights. All speakers echoed the high-level commitment in Indonesia to the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, despite challenges in terms of implementation.

During the second part of the workshop a broad variety of stakeholders (government, companies, ngo’s, trade unions, consumer unions) reflected on the specific topic of child rights in value chains, and looked to the future to discuss priorities for the implementation of the UNGPs, and the Children’s Rights and Business Principles. A key take-away was that initiatives are very concentrated in Java and Sumatra, but less so in other areas in Indonesia. More efforts are needed to get government agencies, businesses and other stakeholders on board for responsible business conduct in these locations too.

Also, please stay tuned for our CEA video on human rights in the palm oil sector in Sumatra, zooming in on child rights too!


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