Launched: Platform for Business and Child Rights Working Group" in Indonesia

Publicatiedatum: 11/01/2019

On Human Rights Day (10 December), PKPA Medan, together with the Indonesia Global Compact Network and UNICEF, launched a platform called the "Business and Child Rights Working Group" (BCRWG). This platform provides an opportunity for various stakeholders to come together and work towards protecting children's rights in all sectors.

The Business and Child Rights Working Group (BCRWG) is a platform that provides opportunities for businesses, civil society organisations, academics, and government agencies to meet and discuss the challenges of child rights protection and fulfillment, as well as finding common ground to resolve these issues. The BCRWG will focus on three areas:

  1. Community;
  2. Environment;
  3. Workplace - of which PKPA will lead in the area of community and workplace.

PKPA Director, Keumala Dewi states, "Through the BCRWG, we would like to reach out to more business sectors; indeed, this platform is open for businesses from all sectors. However, PKPA will bring knowledge and experience that we obtain from the Civic Engagement Alliance, where we focus on child rights in the palm oil sector; that would be our contribution to the BCRWG. It is expected that our contribution will bring positive impacts to the children living in and around palm oil plantation areas, as we consider that palm oil is one of Indonesia's biggest commodities."

PKPA has been ICCO's partner since 2016 under the Civic Engagement Alliance. Together with ICCO, PKPA doesn't hesitate to engage with the business sector and tries to assist companies in the palm oil sector in North Sumatera to better understand Children Rights and Business Principles.


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