6. Sustainability and Accountability


The focus is to create and capacitate lobby and advocacy groups at various levels starting from the grassroots to the policy level. STGs groups, women working groups and multi actor working groups at district and state levels have been formed and strengthened which will continue to discuss and take up the issues to various lobby targets and decision makers.

The program is helping the STGs and community groups to establish linkages and rapport with various government agencies, duty bearers and officials. We have also established strong linkages with relevant academic, technical and financial Institutions like Dibrugarh University, Tea Research Association, Assam Agricultural University, banks and financial institutions. These institutions will provide necessary coaching and technical and financial support to the target STGs in coming years to strengthen their businesses.

It is important to mention that the process of drafting a Code of Conduct for the STGs has been started with involvement of various stakeholders (grassroot level workers and Tea Board, Tea Corporates and certification agencies) which will include roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders along with self-regulatory instruments with emphasis on responsible business behavior. Once this code of conduct is accepted and adopted by relevant stakeholders, it would provide much more sustainability of the movement.

Accountability to stakeholders

The interventions have been designed in participation with the local community members and stakeholders and they have been part of the discussions and decisions in the different stages of development and implementation process.

The multi actor working group constituted under the program is an accountability and transparency mechanism adopted under the program. This platform is comprised of all the important stakeholders. Regular meetings are conducted to share the progress of the interventions and seek recommendations and feedback.

This proactive and regular engagement in dialogue with the community and various influential people related to the sector has ensured support of the masses for the intervention.

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