5. Policy and Networks

Relationships with Policy Makers

Since the start of the program the Alliance members have developed a very good rapport with the Ministry and Department of Labour, Health and Education, the Department of Tea and ex tea Tribe, the Tea Board, Assam Chambers of Commerce and Social Welfare Department, all associations of big and STGs, labor unions, student unions, district administrations, legal services, Child Rights Commission, etc.

Civic Engagement Alliance - as the first - has been able to bring the issue of responsible business and human rights in the forefront of discussions in Assam. All key stakeholders and critical actors from the tea sector are being brought to common platforms to discuss the problematic and work out solutions. Our approach is to bring the grassroots level evidence to the common platforms and find collective solutions through a dialogue and dissent process to the problems. The key policy makers are regularly invited to our programs and consultations to discuss and contemplate the various issues.

Alliance members have access and connections in all major associations of the tea industry, like the Indian Tea Association, Tea Association of India, Bharatiya Cha Parisad, Assam Tea Planters Association, Assam Cha Mazdoor Sangha (the largest and only recognized labor union in India), All Assam Small Tea Growers Associations and other major associations of the STGs.

Membership of Networks

In the state of Assam, Alliance members are represented at various networks and forums such as:

  • ACRNA (Assam Child rights Network Association),
  • Inter-Agency CSO Group in the State,
  • Right to Education Forum,
  • DNA DCPP core committee with SCPS (Social Welfare Department) and UNICEF for developing guidelines.

At national level, Civic Engagement Alliance is represented at

  • INDUS (India-Dutch CSR and Sustainability Forum),
  • Centre for Responsible Business (CRB)-Sustainability Forum,
  • Right to Education Forum,
  • VANI Network for raising collective voice and
  • various child protection societies.

At international level

  • Save the Children is part of the international Save the Children lobby group of 5 member countries where intervention in tea gardens are being done.

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