4. Expertise and Capacity

The Alliance is a cooperation of the members ICCO Cooperation, Kerk in Actie, Wilde Ganzen, Light for the World with Indian partners Save the Children and Sewa who have credible expertise in working in the tea sector, focusing on smallholders, women, youth and children.

Save the children has a good network and experience of working on various child rights issues in tea gardens. Sewa as a local organization is strong in mobilization of the community and stakeholders at the grassroots level in Dibrugarh district and supporting lobby and advocacy at state level.

ICCO Cooperation has been playing the role of lead in the coalition, coordinating the program implementation and responsible for overall program management. Wilde Ganzen has used the Change the Game Academy, their methodology for capacity development for lobby and advocacy and local fundraising. Light For The World is the expert in disability inclusion and a disability advisor has been part of the local team to train partners and community organizations in inclusive strategies. Kerk in Actie’s role is expertise on children’s rights and the prevention of child labor. Through their involvement in the Child Labour Coalition, they offered opportunities for exchange and learning.

The coalition has the required internal capacity and coordination to work both on lobby and advocacy at state level and at grassroot level, playing the coalition as well as the individual organizations card.

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