Balipara moves towards community based rehabilitation

Publicatiedatum: 01/11/2017

For the first time the Monikanchan Block Federation Balipara have done advocacy on issues of social relevance and started advocating for disability inclusion and give it due importance as cause for community concern.

The Womens Federation put focus on increasing sensitisation and building capacities to lobby for nutrition security with a strong message for disability inclusion. The approach was multi-pronged:

  • Building capacities and knowledge on updated nutritional issues and information
  • Technical support and exposure visits on specific issues of disability inclusion
  • Technical and hands on training on mobilising support

Equipped with the knowledge, necessary skills and the mentoring support of the project team, the Federation members felt confident to start the lobbying initiatives. They began with chalking out an action plan for the year and prioritising the issues that required immediate advocacy focus. They have now started their advocacy efforts at various levels (Panchayat level and Block level) with the following actions which have been carried out from November 2017 onwards till date:

  • Approached the concerned local bodies and district officials through the Panchayat at village level for community based rehabilitation registration forms and submission, backed by follow up.
  • Exploring options with the Panchayat and VHSNCs at village level for providing funds from Untied Funds for any immediate requirement of the differently abled (emergency transportation, collective submission of CBR registration applications etc.)
  • Collecting data (on own initiative) to be used as evidence base for advocacy at various levels
  • Meeting with stakeholder Government Depts. like the Horticulture Dept. for easy to handle and work from home livelihood options like mushroom cultivation for the differently-abled.

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