5. Policy makers and Networks

Relationship with policy makers

One important achievement is the establishment of a constant dialogue with decision-makers (Members of Parliament) on the approval of the National Youth Law, No. 5208. This achievement is a result of strengthening the National Front Youth and the articulation of its agendas at different levels, as well as a result of the encounters of the leadership of youth organizations for joint political analysis.
On the other hand, the monitoring of progress for the approval of the National Youth Law, No. 5208, in congress, is possible due to the fact that representatives of the National Youth Front participate in the National Youth Congress. SODEJU leads the strengthening of the National Youth Front, organizing meetings and exchange of experiences, guiding and facilitating days of analysis and reflection and following up the implementation of the actions and agreements reached, at local and municipal level.

Membership of networks

The Civic Engagement Alliance partners in Guatemala are connected to several broader relevant networks and platforms.
MTC is part of the National Peasant Movement in Guatemala and has a strategic partnership with Red Kuchuba’l, an organization which provides support to MTC women and youth members to develop small agri-businesses.
MTC also forms part of the trade union intersyndicale MSyPAG, which is a partner of CNV Internationaal in the social dialogue program. Together with this trade Union network, MTC has started a dialogue with ANACAFÉ, the powerful coffee branch organization in Guatemala, to discuss sustainable (labor) improvements in the coffee sector.

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