7. Innovation

Four national level youth networks, members of the National Youth Front, published messages related to the ‘Being Young is a Right Campaign’ and promoted them in social media networks (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter). 40 local networks, also members of the National Youth Front, reshared those messages. There was coverage in 18 of 23 departments and there were records of approximately 800,000 views on social media networks. The campaign contributed to sensitize the authorities and to impulse the implementation of municipal youth offices, as well as to provide youth with resources (financial, human and material) to carry out activities of youth agenda’s, such as promotion of products, cultural festivals, planning meetings, sport events, etc.

The MTC has a radio (Voice of the Good News), with which it broadcasted messages within the framework of the campaign. Through the radio, actions and events were coordinated to publicize the rights of youth in the Costa and Altiplano region. The Central General of Workers of Guatemala (CGTG), collaborated to identify and train young people who assumed the commitment of carrying out the campaign. Radio programs have been broadcasted to publicize the progress of the content of the National Youth Law initiative, as well as the rights of youth and their inclusion in the municipal economy. Through fora, festivals, sporting events and fairs, awareness among the population and the authorities is reinforced.

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