4. Expertise and Capacity

Civic Engagement Alliance members ICCO Cooperation, Kerk in Actie, Wilde Ganzen and CNV Internationaal support the Civic Engagement Alliance program in Guatemala.

ICCO Cooperation coordinates the program at country level, from the national country office in Guatemala.
Kerk in Actie has partners in Guatemala which have a long history of implementing projects related to employability and entrepreneurship of youth.
Wilde Ganzen developed the Change the Game Academy, a methodology for capacity development on lobby and advocacy and resource mobilization. These training sessions have been implemented in Guatemala, to support and train youth groups and organizations to make their voices heard and demand their rights. Through Change the Game Academy, 30 youth leaders and representatives from organizations supporting young people have been trained on lobby and advocacy and 10 representatives from organizations supporting young people on local fundraising.
CNV Internationaal has much experience in lobbying for labor rights and decent work, and brings in its network and experience with trade unions.

SODEJU, ACJ, MTC and CGTG formed the alliance of organizations in Guatemala. Each organization plays a differentiated and specialized role and has a trajectory and institutional expertise that complements the rest of the organizations that make up the consortium.
Through ‘learning circles’, the four organizations learned from each other during the first two years.
SODEJU shared its experience on political influence on youth issues.
ACJ shared its methodologies to work with youth empowerment, especially in the rural area of Alta Verapaz.
MTC shared its work, empowering youth and women in rural communities of San Marcos, where exploitation of plantation workers – also youth and women - is very common. They shared their experience on youth inclusion in local and departmental government’s decision making.
Trade Union Confederation CGTG shared its work on defense of labor issues at national and local levels and updated the other members of the alliance about labor law and the ILO Conventions signed by the Guatemalan government. This approach at the very beginning of the program helped to empower all participants and to build bridges between the youth from rural and urban areas.

An example of the good and smooth sharing of expertise, was the role of SODEJU in involving the other participants in the National Youth Front. SODEJU also took the lead in developing the campaign at national level ‘Being Young is a Right in Guatemala’ with all platform members. A campaign which spread rapidly through social media platforms all over the country and which gave youth a shared identity.

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