Campaigning for the needs of youth in Guatemala

Publicatiedatum: 14/11/2017

In 2017, youths from Guatemala developed the campaign #SerJovenesUnDerecho, which visualized the needs of youth, their abilities and skills to advocate for the State to formulate public policies in their favor.

The campaign was aimed at the media, civil society, youth organizations, and state actors. In addition to the local partner organizations of the program, behind the campaign were organizations of the National Youth Front (FNJ) and the Peasant Workers Movement (MCJ). For the transmission of the message, Ambassadors (artists and young personalities from Guatemala) were appointed to spread the campaign's messages. Congressmen and local authories also participated in the campaign. The messages were disseminated in social networks, public spaces and events such as festivals.

Including the position of youth in the Law

SerJovenesunDerecho involved district council members, national Congressmen and Congresswomen, and members of the National Congress’ Youth Commission. The campaign advocated for the approval of the National Law for the Development of Youths (Law 5208), and for the Congress to reform the protection system for children and adolescents.

Reaching out to the country

The campaign was disseminated in 17 of the 22 departments of Guatemala, reaching 500,000 people through social networks. Likewise, the messages were disseminated in 10 departments through local and national radio stations, through the main radio and television stations: Guatevisión, Fger, Radio DeZurda, Sonora, Emisoras Unidas, among others.

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