Empowering Community Self Help Groups through Stronger Legislation

Publicatiedatum: 03/04/2020

Through research, CEA Ethiopia has been able to document the negative impact of current legislations on the economic identity of self help groups, and push for inclusive participation in economic activities.

Tearfund, with support from the Civic Engagement Alliance has been seeking legal recognition for self help groups, from the Ethiopian government. Through research, the institution was able to document the negative impact of current legislations on the economic identity of self help groups, by hindering vulnerable communities from freely participating in economic activities.

The insights into legislative challenges facilitated policy makers in the formulation of an independent draft legal framework dedicated to self help groups. The legislation clearly highlights the roles, objectives, functions and structures of Self help associations, thus ensuring that they maintain their role as facilitators of economic growth among farming communities.

The research also highlighted successful regional experiences in regulation of self help groups, which provided the government with relevant data to support the drafting of a legislation to also regulate the operation of self help groups.

TearFund in partnership with Ethiopian Kalehiwot Church- Development Commission (EKHC-DC) and Wolayta Kalehiwot Church- Tarapeza Development Association (WKHC-TDA) facilitated the process of disseminating the legislation to government workers, CLAs and FLA in Adama. As a result, an inclusive joint task force composed of government, civil society and self help group representatives was formulated to spearhead its implementation.

The Civic Engagement Alliance is a joint collaboration between Dutch and southern Civil Society Organizations that advocates for inclusive development. In Ethiopia, the program is implemented by Ethiopian Kalehiwot Church-Development Commision, Wolayta Kalehiwot Church-Tarapeza Development Association, European Cooperative for Rural Development, Facilitator for Change, HUNDEE and Oromo Self Reliance Association with a major focus on malt barley and potato value chains in Oromia and SNNP regions.

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