Building Sustainable Communities through Tree Planting in Ethiopia

Publicatiedatum: 03/04/2020

CEA Ethiopia has built awareness and commitment by the government to protect the needs of communities to protect natural resources

With support from the Civic Engagement Alliance, the Ethiopian Kalehiwot Church-Development Commission (EKHC-DC) facilitated training for Self Help Groups (SHGs) in Adama to strengthen their knowledge of environmental protection and build their capacity in advocacy for sustainable development. EKHC-DC supported the groups to form climate change committees from CLAs in Adama Woreda to engage in meaningful dialogue with the government to protect natural resources.

Through continued interaction with government officials, there was increased awareness on the needs of the community to protect natural resources, and commitments were made by the government to ensure that; afforestation is made a priority in development plans, communities and government departments work together in order to attain common goals and continued interaction is had to increase the information flow between communities and governments.

The ¨Saledin¨, who is the administrator in 04 kebele, committed to increased support for the process of restoring the environment in the community. He said, “we have a plan to cover dry lands in our kebeles, thus we can associate your plan with our afforestation programs. ”

As a result, over 5,000 Self Help Group members were able to plant 20,000 treeson the mountain of Kidame church in Adama.

The Civic Engagement Alliance is a joint collaboration between Dutch and southern Civil Society Organizations that advocates for inclusive development. In Ethiopia, the program is implemented by Ethiopian Kalehiwot Church-Development Commision, Wolayta Kalehiwot Church-Tarapeza Development Association, European Cooperative for Rural Development, Facilitator for Change, HUNDEE and Oromo Self Reliance Association with a major focus on malt barley and potato value chains in Oromia and SNNP regions.

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