Ethiopians Improving Their Livelihoods. Some Short Stories

Publicatiedatum: 10/10/2019

The Alliance aims for an improved food and nutrition security situation among rural households with particular focus on youth, women and persons with disabilities These stories of witness the progress of and human lives in the program .

Women double loan size

In the picture is a self-help groups located in Derashe town in Segen zone of SNNPR region. The group gets support from the Development Commission of the Ethiopian Kalehiwot Church (EKHC-DC), who is an implementing partner of Civic Engagement Alliance. The group has about 72 members whose members are mainly women. They make monthly saving of 10-20 birr which will be given to members again as a loan for 4-5 months. The loan size was about 500 before and now increased to 1000 birr. Members use the loan taken both for consumption and income generating activities. Some use it to cover school fees for children while other use it for petty trade such as producing local drinks, others to buy hens, sheep etc. They have strong hope and commitment for growing together.


Mr Kitoye, repairing without legs

Mr Kitoye lives in Derashe town of Segen zone in SNNPR. He has physical disability both on his legs and hands. However, it has not prohibit him from working. Mr Kitoye enjoys working on repair works such as shoes sewing, fixing broken umbrellas, drinking tools etc. He also has small poultry business in his small garden. He highly depend on his son for many supports who is also attending school during school days. Mr Kitoye has many challenges to share from his experience as a person with disabilities. Both the society and the government offices are not welcoming his request positively and he was even forced to leave his current house due to road coming to his direction without getting replacement for it. With the support of Development Commission of the Ethiopian Kalehiwot Church (EKHC-DC) Kitoye is now getting attention of others including government and creditors to expand his business. Now, Mr Kitoye believes there are many possibilities people like him can do with little support from concerned bodies.


Mr Girma, farmer without sight

Mr Girma Birru lost his sight in early 1980s due to trachoma. He used to be a teacher before he lost his sight in Derashe area. Now, he has many apple trees, avocado and others plants such as banana and maize. He works on this horticulture cultivation without having sight. He said he is producing the seed of apple but do not have buyer for it. Development Commission of the Ethiopian Kalehiwot Church (EKHC-DC) is trying to link him with Woreda agri-office and promote his produce. People like Mr Girma can be good exemplary for other people who are not working even while they are healthy.


Application of lime on acid soil

With support from Civic Engagement Alliance partner AgriProFocus farmers applied lime on acid soils in Jeldu Woreda in Western Shoa zone of Oromia region. Soil acidity is one of the problem contributing to lesser productivity of farmland in this area. AgriProPocus has come up with application of lime on acid soil in order to reverse the acidity problem. With the support of the woreda and regional extension people, farmers were selected and got a training on how to apply lime on acid soils. Soil samples were taken from each farmland and taken to soil laboratory in order to measure the magnitude of vulnerability. AgriProFocus has then discussed with agri-office and facilitated supply of lime for the demonstration work.

Photo: Ffarmers applying lime before the sowing of crop on their farm land.


Crop status after the application of lime.


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