“Don’t tell me!” Radio Program of Manq’a Impacts Population of La Paz

Publicatiedatum: 03/07/2020

Young people from the Manq’a youth collective launched their first radio entertainment and education program, during the last quarter of 2019 through ERBOL 100.9 FM radio. The program called “Don’t tell me!” addressed themes like technical education, youth employment and healthy eating with the objective of raising awareness among the population about their perceptions and habits regarding these topics.

The initiative took place after capacity building in communication skills of participants from the Manq’a schools in El Alto. One result of this capacity building was the recording of radio spots, written and recorded by the youth themselves. In the last quarter of 2019, four radio spots were made and broadcasted. The radio spots targeted young people to make them aware of technical education, youth employment and healthy eating and to generate changes in their habits and way of thinking.

Further on in the process, the idea was born to reinforce the communication campaign with a radio space that allows families from La Paz and El Alto to speak with specialists on the issues, give the perspective of young people and achieve interaction between people.

Guests from different institutions were invited to the program. For example Ademar Poma, an independent professional specialized in technical education, answered young people's questions regarding their training and experience in Manq'a schools. interesting to know were the taboos around gastronomy training and how the cultural load can influence family decisions. One of the persons of the youth collective made reference to the fact that in Bolivia there is still differentiated acceptance according to the career you choose. The Manq’a youth collective is working to change this perception.

It was the first time that people from the youth collective of Manq’a got access to a radio station. In this way, the youth collective was able to reach a bigger audience and get their message across more people.
This intervention in the community was made possible with the support of the Civic Engagement Alliance. The youth collective of Manq’a has become a major actor in the formulation and implementation of public policies on conscious and healthy eating with local identity, technical education and (self) employment of young people. It is through lobbying activities that the dissemination space for young people was achieved.

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