ICCO RoWA visited the staff of GIZ Benin

Publicatiedatum: 16/10/2018

The Deputy Regional Director of ICCO Cooperation's West Africa Regional Office, Mr Ataoulaye Fela BAH, paid a working visit to Benin from 1 to 6 October. This visit is part of the follow-up of the implementation of the Civic Engagement Alliance program in Benin, which is two years from its implementation. Apart from discussions with the Beninese partners in charge of the program implementation, namely DEDRAS ONG, PASCiB and AKB, Mr. BAH took advantage of his stay to exchange with private companies in Benin operating in the cashew and shea sectors, mainly FLUDOR BENIN and NAD Co International. He also took the opportunity to discuss with the leaders of the German program ProAgri3 for the construction of synergy around cashew and shea sectors that their two programs support in Benin. The meeting between the teams of the two programs took place in the offices of ProAgri3 in Cotonou in the presence of Mr Joachim Becker , ProAgri3 Program Manager in Benin. The two personalities agreed on the need to build the necessary synergies between the two programs in order to maximize the results of their interventions for the benefit of both sectors.


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