Two Mayors to Release Land to Women

Publicatiedatum: 20/08/2019

After advocating for women's access to resources women in two villages were granted shea plantation and cashew plants.

Women access to land, especially in the shea and cashew sectors, is one of the main themes of the Civic Engagement Alliance program in Benin since 2017. Advocacy actions were, and still, carried out at national and local levels. Local decision-makers everywhere have welcomed the heartfelt appeal of local actors in both sectors. Some have begun to implement their commitments to women's access to shea and cashew resources. This is the case of the Mayors of the Municipalities of Kouandé, Mr Moussa ABASSI and Bassila, Mr Gomina ABOUBAKAR.

The district of Kouandé has inherited 428 hectares of cashew plantations from the government. For better management, the Mayor decided to release the plantations to local producers' associations. In this operation, the association of women producers were granted 50% of the plantation against 50% for men. Whereas, in Bassila, women benefited from 50,000 cashew plants. For that, Technoserve NGO decided to discern them with a certificate.


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