Mali & Benin Community Based Organizations Engaged for Local Resources Mobilization

Publicatiedatum: 29/08/2018

To help grassroots community organizations involved in food security (Mali) and shea and cashew (Benin) coping with the difficulties to finance their local activities, Wilde Ganzen has committed ICCO RoWA to train the so called local organizations on the techniques of mobilization of local resources. In this regard, 4 introductory workshops were held in Mali (2 workshops) and in Benin (2 workshops), between May and July 2018.


From 14th to 26th May in Mali in the cities of Sikasso and Ségou, then from 11th to 16th June and from 16th to 20th July 2018 in the city of Parakou, in the north of the Republic of Benin, fourteen community-based organizations (8 in Mali and 6 in Benin) were trained in local resource mobilization techniques. The relevance of this training stems from the fact that local NGOs in Southern countries are beginning to suffer from the scarcity of resources from official development assistance, generally made available by the Western countries. In this context, and to ensure sustainability of development actions for poor communities, we must anticipate by offering alternative solutions to recipients of aid. This is what WILDE GANZEN is doing in both Mali and Benin as part of the Alliance for Citizen Engagement (AEC) program implemented in West Africa (Mali and Benin).
In total, about 50 people from fourteen (14) grassroots community organizations were trained in both Mali and Benin. These training sessions took place in cascade and will thus know a second round in the month of September. This second round will be used to finalize fundraising projects, that trainees have developed during the first round.

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