Local Media Professionals Join Forces in Lobby

Publicatiedatum: 04/03/2020

For the last three years local partners of Civic Engagement Alliance created an offensive lobby and advocacy dynamic to bring decision-makers to transform the cashew and shea sectors.

Although the intermediate results obtained are encouraging, the fact remains that private actors are still waiting for the government to take concrete action by signing acts. Thus, they amplify their voices by associating media professionals to their cause through a competition organized in October 2019 .

The competition concerned the production of media works for the protection of shea parks in Benin. A total of six prizes were awarded during an official ceremony on February 7th in the presence of Benin government officials, the Netherlands ambassador in Benin, Ms. To Tjoelker-Kleve, the CEO of ICCO Cooperation, Mr. Sybren Attema and Ms. Leena Lindqvist from the regional office West Africa of ICCO Cooperation.

This competition contributed to build alliances with media professionals to amplify the local partners’ voices on the importance of shea trees protection.


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