Fludor Company and COSI Union to Pattern Decent Work in Cashew and Shea Sectors

Publicatiedatum: 11/03/2020

As part of the improvement of working conditions in the industrial chains, Civic Engagement Alliance partner COSI Benin has initiated lobbying and advocacy actions for companies processing cashew and shea.

Discussions were organized with the Management of Fludor Benin SA in order to allow COSI Benin to be interested in decent work issues in the company. At first, the Management was reluctant because it had an unfortunate experience with a trade union that, during a demonstration, burned the company's packaging manufacturing unit.

To circumvent the reluctance of the company, COSI Benin adopted a win-win strategy with the Management of FLUDOR showing the advantage that the company can draw from the presence of COSI Benin in terms of performance and training for the workers.

In 2018 the Civic Engagement Alliance carried out actions such a training on good practices within the private enterprise, and awareness of workers to the health system for subsidized care. Based ont these actions and experiences the two parties have committed themselves, through a formal partnership, to work within the framework of a constructive social dialogue, to improve the living and working conditions of the 1,000 employees of the factory and 3,000 shea growers and cashew farmers with whom this company collaborates. See full article.

Photo: The general secretary of COSI and CEO of FLUDOR posing after signing the MoU


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