Film: Labor Rights in Cashew and Shea Production in Benin

Publicatiedatum: 11/02/2020

The film tells the story of the Civic Engagement Alliance program in Benin. It zooms in on the work of Alliance partner trade union COSI who managed to convince FLUDOR S.A., the largest shea and cashew processing company in Benin, to sign a MoU to improve the living and working conditions of 1,000 factory workers and 3,000 shea and cashew growers. The company was initially hesitant about this, but after constructive social dialogue the company is now convinced of the win-win situation: better trained and motivated employees and the possible establishment of an employee representation. COSI is also working with the government to ratify the ILO Convention 129 on labor inspection in the agricultural sector.

Photographer: Maarten Schuth/ CNV Internationaal.

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