5. Expertise and Capacity

The members and partners of Civic Engagement Alliance are: ICCO Cooperation, Woord en Daad, CNV Internationaal, Wilde Ganzen and Beninese partners COSI, AKB, DEDRAS, PASCiB.

The partners in Benin are experienced in policy influencing and have strong connections with community based organizations and smallholders and workers. They are able to voice the interests of these groups and bring their issues to the dialogue tables. The role of the Alliance members is that of facilitator, to support the Beninese partners technically and financially in their lobby and advocacy activities, and with capacity strengthening activities.

ICCO Cooperation is the lead organization, has a local presence in Benin and longstanding experience in cooperating with partners in Benin in the sectors of agriculture and food security. Woord en Daad has much experience in Benin and the agricultural sector, e.g. through the execution of a private-public partnership-project in the cashew sector funded by RVO. Woord en Daad has also long standing relations with DEDRAS, who play a central role in the Cashew Coalition. CNV Internationaal has long standing contacts with local labor unions. Wilde Ganzen used its Change the Game Academy methodology to train partners and local organizations. Edukans added expertise on skills development, to improve working conditions, access to relevant professional skills for smallholders and workers.

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