CEA Program Collaborates with Right to Food and Nutrition Campaign in Bangladesh

Publicatiedatum: 06/08/2018

Bangladesh, a middle income nation is thriving to ensure food and nutrition security and achieving SDG 2 ‘Zero Hunger’. In line with this progress, the Civic Engagement Alliance (CEA) program of ICCO Cooperation focuses on ‘Realizing the Right to Adequate Food and Nutrition’. Recently, the CEA program connected to the Right to Food and Nutrition Network, which works towards achieving this goal of ensuring to ensure food and nutrition for 40 million poor and ultra-poor people in Bangladesh. Right to Food is recognised in the country’s constitution, but the campaign is lobbying for the formulation of a new law for legal protection of Right to Food by submitting a petition, with 2.5 million signatories ures to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh by October, 2018. To make the campaign a success, more than 800 national and international NGOs as well as NGOs, INGOs and CSOs are working under the same network called Right to Food Bangladesh.

On July 25, 2018, a seminar on Right to Food and Nutrition Campaign was held at the Bangladesh National Museum Auditorium with the slogan - “As a Middle Income Country, We Want to Ensure Right to Food and Nutrition for 40 Million People Including the Ultra-Poor”. The mission of this campaign is to ‘Ensure right to food and nutritional security for citizens and especially for the poor, marginalized, women and children’ and the vision of the campaign is to establish ‘A Hunger and Poverty Free Just Society’. During the event, speakers at the seminar urged all political parties of Bangladesh to include enactment of a food security law in their election manifestos, ahead of the upcoming parliamentary elections to deliver on the people’s “Right to Food”. They also placed their demands for staples and diversified food basket to ensure safe and nutritious food for all. The speakers also highlighted on how the Food Security Act can play a vital role in establishing this as a fundamental right and decreasing corruption in the country. Alongside many notable speakers from different government and private sectors and strata of the society, Tessa Schmelzer, Country Representative of ICCO Cooperation in Bangladesh, was one of the major spokespersons at the event.

Connectivity to the Right to Food Network opens a new window of opportunity and further scope of work for our CEA program to secure right to food and nutrition in Bangladesh


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