The Civic Engagement Alliance is a joint collaboration between Dutch and Southern civil society organizations. They contribute to inclusive development, reaching the most vulnerable people.


ICCO Cooperation is a global development organization, working towards a world in which people can live in dignity and well-being, a world without poverty and injustice. With a global office in the Netherlands and 5 regional offices in Africa, Latin America and Asia, ICCO is well represented around the globe with a worldwide local network and implements CEA projects in all partner countries. Within the Alliance, ICCO coordinates the regional processes and implementation and is responsible for the global program management.

CNV Internationaal

CNV Internationaal aims to reduce inequality and achieve decent work for all workers worldwide. Being the international department of the CNV confederation (Dutch trade union) puts us in the unique position to work with partner trade unions and labour NGOs in Africa, Asia and Latin America. As part of the Civic Engagement Alliance, CNV Internationaal and partner organisations continuously ask governments and employers to take their responsibilities for protecting and respecting human and labour rights seriously. We specifically focus on promoting corporate accountability within the palm oil, sugar cane, rubber and cashew supply chains. Next to this, we advocate for increased political space for civil society organisations and specifically for trade unions.


Edukans is a Dutch development organization focusing on improving the quality of education worldwide. We operate from our head office in The Hague and our country offices in Ghana, Malawi, Kenya and Ethiopia to improve the quality of education and to provide training to youth to strengthen their opportunities for finding a suitable decent job.
Edukans contributes to the Civic Engagement Alliance through supporting the alliance’s lobby activities in the Netherlands and in Bolivia, Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda. In that respect, Edukans mainly contributes its expertise in the area of strengthening the position of small-holder farmers and access to markets

Kerk in Actie

Kerk in Actie is the missionary and diaconia department of the Protestant Church in The Netherlands. Inspired by the Bible we believe in sharing, to give hope and to promote justice worldwide and in The Netherlands. Kerk in Actie co-operates with partner churches and organisations in 35 countries of Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Eastern Europe. Kerk in Actie participates in the Civic Engagement Alliance by strengthening the capacity of local partners to claim space for civil society. We have specific attention for the role of religion and faith-based organizations. Kerk in Actie also advocates for the eradication of child labour and promotes the inclusion of child rights in policies advocating for responsible business.


Prisma is an association of Christian organizations for development cooperation, is active in the lobby and advocacy work in The Netherlands and international. Some of our members are participating in the lobbywork in the field. Prisma members are often community based and rooted in the local communities they also work mostly with churches and faith-based organizations (FBOs). In the Netherlands Prisma is focusing on civic space and the role of religion and FBOs for civic space.

Wilde Ganzen Foundation

The Wilde Ganzen Foundation supports people in low and middle-income countries in their efforts to achieve a better future for their community. Our support is aimed at tangible, small-scale projects that stem from a joint initiative of local organizations and a Dutch partner. In addition, we want to strengthen the capacities of southern civil society organizations (CSOs) in the areas of lobby and advocacy, local fundraising and mobilization of other kinds of local support. Therefore, we have developed the 'Change the Game Academy'; a blended learning training program consisting of classroom trainings and an online platform with e-learning courses. Under the Civic Engagement Alliance, NGOs, community based organizations, self-help groups and farmer’s groups in eight countries are trained on lobby and advocacy and local fundraising using the 'Change the Game Academy' methodology. The online platform is accessible free of charge to all CSOs worldwide.

Woord en Daad

Woord en Daad connects people around the world in their fight against poverty, from a Christian perspective. Woord en Daad works together with partner organizations in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, and cooperates with social institutions, government bodies, enterprises, and other sectors for sustainable change worldwide.
Woord en Daad contributes to the Civic Engagement Alliance through supporting the alliance’s lobby and advocacy initiatives in The Hague and in Brussels. In that respect, Woord en Daad mainly contributes its expertise in the area of food and nutrition security, sustainable value chain development, and policy coherence for development.

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